My Favorite Food

I have many favorite foods, since my mom is a very good cook, I am happy every time I go to my house and she recives me with her delicious dishes, one of the ones I like the most is chicken rice, I do not know how to make those dishes but they are excellent, to accompany this dish what megor is a soda or cocacola, and the rice should be given a lot of tomato sauce, I think I do not have a favorite dish, what I do have is a favorite person for me make the meals, and I remember their spaghetti, their tomato and onion salads, their cucumber salad, and all those foods that I used to eat and with which I grew up eating.20171222_160225


Carlos vives

Carlos Vives is an excellent Colombian singer, he is from the city of Santa Marta, he is a pride for his city since he is a singer known nationally and internationally, his real and complete name is Carlos Alberto Vives Restrepo, he was born on the 7th August 1961, that is at the moment 57 years old, this is a singer, composer, actor, among others.

You live as many call it is a Colombian singer, actor and composer, recognized in Latin America and other parts of the world for mixing Colombian music such as cumbia and vallenato with pop and rock. He has won two Grammy Awards and 13 Latin Grammy Awards.

Here I present to you a good representative of Colombia, he is Carlos Vivesmaxresdefault

My Vacation

my name is julieth, I’m from simiti, bolivar … on vacation I go to my house, I’m here the whole family, my mom, my dad, my brothers, my friends, with the credence, when I arrived at my house, once more friends who are in other cities, in my case I am in Cartagena, when we all arrive we meet, we have a party and we sit at the door of the house of some of us, we had a good time because, we are near a small town , it’s just growing to the right, to the left, or maybe to the front or just walking some houses and it’s easier to live

I have a lot of fun in the holidays because I am close to what I like the most, and I want to arrive in December, not so long ago that we are on September 19, hopefully soon because time passes. Little by little, although this does not mean that there is nothing in Cartagena, I do not feel comfortable, in fact I am, but it is always better to be close to the people I love most

here is simiti, bolivar … I present my town



My day to day

My name is julieth patricia moscote gil, I am 17 years old, I was born in simiti south of bolivar but right now I live in Cartagena, in country park, usually every day I get up at 5:40, I bathe and at 6:30 I’m already having breakfast to go out, take a motorcycle and get to the normal university, I leave at 11:10 in the morning usually and I do not have classes in the evenings except on wednesdays that I have English class, I arrive at the Home, I do the pending tasks and I start watching TV and having dinner.

my house is three stories, has seven rooms, four bathrooms, two balconies and other things …
Around ten o’clock at night I go to sleep and the other day it’s the same !!

thank God I went on vacation and I go to my house to sleep late …

and already in the next semester I will give the second level of English with the same teacher